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Mini Roast Marrow Bones

Mini Roast Marrow Bones


£1.00 Each
Mini Roasted Marrowbone is made from British Marrowbone that has been slowly roasted in our own ovens to give that mouth-watering oven-baked taste. 100% NATURAL What you see is what you get. They are what we call a single-ingredient chew so no hidden nasties, artificial preservatives or colourants!

GRAIN & GLUTEN FREE Is your dog is grain and gluten-sensitive? Don’t worry they can still enjoy our Mini Roasted Marrowbone NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS Enriched with sources of calcium and proteins that are essential for strong body-building and oral health.

BOREDOM BUSTER Serving one of our bones can enhance your dog’s brain and body coordination, whilst reducing anxiety and promote calmness. NATURAL TOOTHBRUSH Dogs loved to chew, it’s a natural instinct. The action of chewing stimulates the release of saliva, flushing away bacteria and debris which would otherwise end up as plaque. We can’t guarantee to give them a Hollywood smile, but our bones will help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy resulting in fresher breath.

ALL BREEDS AND SIZES Our bones are suitable for all breeds and sizes of dog; however, we recommend that our bones should be fed to puppies older than 6 months olds.

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